Your Greatest Life Cannot Happen By Accident YOUR LIFE BY DESIGN

Special Report Reveals How a LIFE DESIGNED BY YOU and ACTED UPON WITH INTENT and PURPOSE Can Create Your Dream Existence

How do you make your favorite meal?

You no doubt have a favorite food, meal, or dessert. How is it made?

If you cook for yourself and enjoy creating culinary masterpieces in the kitchen, you may have compiled written recipes that help you make your favorite meals.
Even if you don’t do the cooking in your family, you understand that if a recipe is not followed properly and a specific process does not take place every time, your favorite cake or pizza or soufflé is not going to be as good as it can be.

The same is true with life.

Too many of us in this busy world go through life taking it as it comes. We don’t have a life-recipe that guides us. You may feel like you have no choice in the matter.

You feel there is not enough time in the day for the pursuit of your own desires and goals. For many parents, giving their children the best possible lives is their top goal, and they spend much of their existence putting out the fires that life creates so their children have the best chance to grow into responsible and quality adults.

Regardless of what you value, science tells us that you dramatically improve your odds of realizing your goals and desires if you have a game plan.

It’s true!

When you live life by design, acting purposely and with intent according to your values, you greatly improve the possibility that you will realize your greatest life.

Don’t believe me? Check this out.

What the Harvard Business School Can Teach You About Living by Design

In 1979, Harvard Business School began a study on goal achievement.

That year, MBA graduates were asked if they had designed a roadmap for goal achievement by writing down their goals and creating a plan for attaining them.

This simple one-question survey and the answers to that question reveal how important it is to live by design if you want to achieve the things that are important to you.

Just 3% of the graduating class wrote their financial goals down and also designed a plan for achieving those goals

Only 13% of the class had written goals, with no hard and fast plans for getting what they wanted

The remaining 84% of the class had set no specific financial goals for their future, with only vague goals or desires in mind

Fast-forward to 1989. The graduates from 10 years earlier were contacted again.

Remember the 13% of the class which had written goals but not developed a game plan for achieving them?

Incredibly, they were making twice as much money as the 84% group which had no identifiable goals in mind.

Even more importantly, the 3% of Harvard MBA graduates from 1979 that wrote down their goals and designed a game plan for achieving them were making a staggering 1,000% more money than the 84% group, and 500% more than the 13% segment.

This shows the incredible power of living by design, as opposed to simply waking up each day and waiting to react to whatever life throws at you.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself one or more of the following questions.

“How do I develop a game plan that creates my best possible existence?”

“I have set goals before and not achieved them. What was I doing wrong?”

“How do I know the values I am pursuing are uniquely mine?”

“Are there any proven tips or hacks for designing a life plan that can help me realize more fulfillment and happiness, less stress and anxiety, and more achievement of the goals and desires that are important for me to experience the best life has to offer me?”

These and other questions are asked every day by you and others just like you. The good news is that if you have the right information in your hands, the life purpose questions you have asked yourself for years or decades can be answered, and you truly can live your greatest possible life.


Your Life by Design

Because Your Greatest Life
Cannot Happen by Accident
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Design Your Life
Life Design

In this report on the power of Life Design, you will discover…

  • The “Magic Wand” exercise that identifies those things you truly value and desire above all others
  • Why you should be proactive rather than reactive for a fulfilling and happy life
  • How perseverance and failure work hand-in-hand to guide a purpose-driven life
  • The benefits of living a life of intent
  • How to identify your true purpose, by examining your values and priorities
  • The 6 key elements of a solid life strategy
  • Why writing down your goals leads to a better chance of achieving them
  • 38 life design questions which lead you in the direction you want your life to take
  • Why you should always reach for the stars while staying grounded at the same time
  • The 8 crucial areas of your life which can benefit greatly when you live by design and purpose
  • Why being absolutely (and sometimes painfully) honest with yourself is crucial before you can identify and achieve your deepest desires and values
  • A simple way to determine and define your values so you can act upon them with intent and purpose
  • 104 examples of life goals to guide you in planning yours
  • 38 life design questions to lead you in the direction you want your life to take

And much much more!

If you climb in an automobile and begin driving, you will eventually end up somewhere. You may stop at different places along the way. You may or may not enjoy the journey or the destination.

Intent, purpose, and direction are needed so that you can go where you want to go.

In life, there are so many roads to take. A game plan and roadmap are required so you can end up exactly where you want to go.

This is why you should design your life. This is why you should identify your life goals.

This is why a life well planned and governed by your values, lived with purpose and intent is the only life worth living.

Without identifying and then living according to your values, enjoying an intentional life filled with purpose and design, you can never realize the greatest and most fulfilling existence you were meant to enjoy.



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Life Design



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