Before Investing in Multifamily Property

The value of a multifamily property can be influenced by many factors however there are certain characteristics of a property that are unique to each property depending on the age, location, and how the property was maintained by the seller. Some of these can be fixed or cured and some are just not curable. [...]

By |2021-01-13T12:10:11-05:00December 2nd, 2019|Apartments|1 Comment

What to choose when buying an investment property – single-family or multi-family?

When it comes to buying an investment property in Ohio, what to choose - single-family or multi-family? Should you be investing in single-family rental properties or multi-family rental properties? When it comes to investing in residential real estate, this is always a hot topic. When investing in a rental property, you should be looking at [...]

By |2021-01-13T12:10:08-05:00November 7th, 2019|Apartments, Residential|1 Comment

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