1. Commercial Lease

    Understanding Income from Your Investment Property.

    To understand income from investment properties first you need to look at the types of Rents and Leases. Not all commercial rents and leases are the same. there is the contracted rent, anticipated rent and market rent. There is also percentage rent, overage rent and surplus rent. Then there is the q…Read More

  2. residential income

    Self-Managing Your Investment Property – Should You?

    For most beginners, rental property investing is a fairly simple equation: profit = rental income – (mortgage + expenses). Many investors think that self-managing a rental property is just a matter of finding a nice tenant who pays on time. Property management tasks include: Advertising your prope…Read More

  3. Real Estate Investments

    Principle of Substitution

    Should I invest near home or long distance? That is the question every investor grapples with. If your sole consideration is the need or desire to self-manage your investment property. Ask yourself the following questions. Are you available, and willing, to manage your property on a full-time basis?…Read More

  4. Real Estate Investments

    Past, Present and Future – Who Cares?

    There are always 3 entities always interested in any piece of an investment property. The investor, the bank/lender and the government. When you are financing an investment property among other things the bank/lender will ask for: a. Full copies of the last 3 year's property federal tax returns or p…Read More

  5. Real Estate Investments

    Absolute Net Properties – Best Investment Ever

    How would you like to invest in a commercial property where a high credit national tenant has leased the commercial property from you for a very long time. Being a large national company they send you the rent every month and you never have to worry about not receiving the check. Not only do they pa…Read More