1. Real Estate Investments

    Calling All Busy Professionals

    Adulthood can be an endless stream of “I wish I could, but I’m too busy.” While the busy excuse may work on your garden, it won’t fly with your future. Regardless of how busy you are, you can’t put this off. Whether you are a busy executive, an academic, an IT professional or and medical p…Read More

  2. Real Estate Investments

    Principle of Anticipation

    Investors should also consider future changes in anticipated demand caused by off-site improvements like highways, bridges, schools, and parks. These have an important impact on value even though such improvements may be in the planning stage and not visible at the time of the purchase. Because the …Read More

  3. Real Estate Investments

    Value is a Function of Income

    Investors purchase income-producing properties for the income (future benefits) the properties will yield (produce) Investor in real property should estimate the duration of the income stream and its risk, or likelihood of receipt Do not apply this to New construction Special purpose property Unique…Read More