The most common retail properties that investors look at are:

  • Strip/Convenience centers
  • Community Center
  • Single Tenant Properties
  • Mixed-Use

Strip/Convenience centers are self-managed and are good for local investors. Community Centers can be self-managed but are normally professionally managed and are good for both local as well as distant/out-of-state investors. Single-tenant properties, depending on how the lease is structured, can be a good source of passive income. This is a good investment for just about anybody and we highly recommend it. In all commercial real estate investments, including retail property investments, always look at Cash-on-Cash.

Pave Your Path to Success

Whether it’s a full-sized mall or a modest community center, the Perfect Real Estate Investments team will help you find the right fit. Your long-term success is our ultimate goal. Learn about common types of retail properties to consider below.

Regional Mall

  • This enclosed property features inward-facing stores connected by a walkway. Common merchants include junior department stores, discount department stores, and fashion apparel stores.

Community Center

  • This property is often a discount store, a supermarket, a drugstore, or a discount store selling electronics, toys, books, etc.


  • This property is a row of attached stores or service outlets managed as a cohesive entity. Parking is generally located in front of the stores.

Power Center

  • This property is category-dominant and usually has a few small tenants. You’ll see businesses like home improvement, warehouse club, and discount department stores.


  • This property type offers upscale national-chain specialty stores as well as entertainment and dining in an outdoor setting
    Factory Outlet
  • This property features manufacturer and retailer outlet stores selling brand name goods at discounted prices.
  • This property hosts tourist, leisure, retail, and service-oriented businesses unified by an entertainment theme.

Success in commercial property investing lies in patience, vision, and attention to detail. Choose our 30 years of experience today.