Property Sales

Property Sales

Selling commercial real estate successfully is one of our greatest accomplishments. Our founder and CEO, PRI, has studied best practices in commercial real estate for years. As part of our team, everyone in sales has followed a simple set of steps to provide the best service to clients.

Acquisitions and dispositions

There are many factors you need to consider during the purchase or sale of a commercial real estate property. It’s always a good idea to consider how saleable a property will be before you buy it. When disposing of the property, you will want to figure out to position it attractively to the right prospective buyers.

That’s when acquiring an investment property, one of the most critical factors is its long-term appreciation prospects. That question is dependent on the type of property the buyer may be interested in acquiring.

Whether you’re buying or selling, whatever the type of property, you have to look at all the factors - location, market area, amenities, appeal to the customers of the company, the economy, and the type of tenants that would be a good fit.



Topnotch market-specific consulting is one of the most important attributes we provide. It’s backed by deep-dive market research. That also plays into our highly successful work in property marketing. Due diligence is another area in which we provide top support, including valuations to support the marketing of any client property.

Our primary goal is to take care of our clients. We concentrate on how we can sincerely take care of them and help them make the right decisions. We also work hard on staying close to the trends and hot spots in the market.

We specialize. We believe that it's important to not only the commercial sector of the market. To add value to the support we provide to our clients and, we concentrate, as much as practical, in the commercial investment area of the industry.

Within the basic commercial property types of office, retail, industrial, multifamily and land, we have the capability to focus on the type of specialty: medical, self-storage, single tenant net lease, management, project leasing, tenant rep, asset management, debt & equity, restaurants, hospitality and development.

Our CEO has worked to create a network of resources with whom he has shared his knowledge as well as fostering key attributes for commercial real estate sales and service - motivation and sales ability. No one has better to sell and to stay motivated than him.

You can do the best work and put together the best and most desirable package of properties, tut if you can't sell it and support clients throughout the entire process, their success will be limited. It’s almost as important to build and maintain a broad base for resources who can bring skills and processes to support our clients.

Pri has also built a process based on integrity and honesty which has not only built our reputation, it has built a remarkable record of success in commercial real estate and set up lifetime relationships. We have a great digital presence and powerful marketing systems.