Whether you’ve invested in commercial real estate previously or you’re just getting started, there’s always more to learn and discover. At Perfect RealEstate Investments, we’re passionate about helping you make your ventures as lucrative as possible. Is a multifamily property right for you?

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A sub-category of apartment property types, multifamily structures are longer-term investments than single-family homes. Complexes take longer to sell and are more complex to manage. However, when handled correctly, owning a multifamily property can be a great source of income. You have many options:

● A building with at least one elevator and nine or more floors.

● A building with an elevator.

● A one-, two-, or three-story apartment building in a garden-like location; it may or may not have elevators.

● A four- to six-story building without an elevator.

Manufactured Housing Community
● A community in which ground sites are leased to owners of manufactured homes.

Special-Purpose Housing
● A multifamily property in any style targeting a specific population segment.

Student Housing
● A complex with at least half of its units intended for students attending a nearby learning institution.

Seniors’ Housing
● Housing for senior citizens providing certain levels of care.

Subsidized Housing
● Housing for renters with special needs or low incomes; made accessible by rent and income restriction.

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