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Hospitality Property Investments

Hospitality Property Investments

These commercial properties can include hotels, golf courses, and restaurants. If you’re ready to get started on your investment property, get help and support from Perfect RealEstate Investments. We can provide insight and guidance to help you make informed decisions on your commercial property.


Hospitality properties include

Lodging – Hotels, Extended stay facilities, Resorts - full or limited-service (including time-shares)
Conference centers
Golf facilities
Water Parks
Travel Centers
Amusement Parks
Restaurants and other food-service facilities
Entertainment facilities

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Lodging – Hotels and Resorts

Hotels can generate income and build long-term wealth when the economy is strong. Even when there are issues with weather or health hazards, some business travel will always be required. That’s why the location of a property is one of the most critical investment issues

An Urban property in one of the more popular business centers will likely produce reasonable return regardless of circumstances. The same can be said for resorts that are in high-traffic areas and that have conference or meeting facilities associated with them.

Consumer travel will be more affected by factors but if a property is in the right location, Americans will want to go there. Weather and amenities are just as important as other geographical factors. Travel has become an entitlement that families – and young people – take as seriously as anything else. Recreation is a big deal.

Hotels and resorts can also adjust their room rates on a daily basis, unlike most types of commercial real estate, This gives them a unique ability to raise prices to match demand or lower them to drive interest and bookings. Travel websites, especially ones that are frequently searched can make it easier to get business.

Conference Centers

These properties, particularly if they are in the right areas – warm weather, sports or outdoor activity centers or highly prized destinations can also be successful. The more amenities and the better the location, the greater the opportunity for god returns.

Golf Facilities

Golfers like to travel to different courses, particularly to warm weather locales when their home areas are under snow or other bad weather.  If a golf property also has amenities for spouses and youngsters – swimming, visitor attractions like zoos or shopping – they are even more likely to be successful.

Spas, Water Parks and Amusement Parks

Location and key amenities – major tie-ins with entertainment or sports as examples – can help generate strong sales.  In the case of climate-specific amenities – skiing, or golf, oceans or lakes, tourist centers – there is every reason to believe that returns can be generated by a concerted marketing effort. Contact us today to start the process with a consultation.

Restaurants/Foodservice and Entertainment Facilities

Ethnic or geographical activities, especially when coupled with other high interest activities – weather/ special location/urban or nature highlights – can also make a property a highly desirable destination for both business and consumer visitors.