Single Tenant Retail

  • Passive income.

  • Minimal landlord responsibilities.

  • Easier to finance.

Multi-Tenant Retail

  • Retail tenants have a vested interest in maintaining their store and storefront because if they don’t, it will affect their business.

  • Higher rent.

  • Longer lease terms.


  • Longer lease terms.

  • Triple net leases.

  • Qualified tenants.


  • Long-term tenants.

  • Low maintenance.

  • High demand.


  • Cost Of Entry: While it is very possible to obtain commercial real estate loans even as a newbie investor, the cost of investing in Multi-family real estate is most certainly less than other commercial real estate.

  • Performs Better In Economic Crisis: Housing is always in demand (despite the state of the economy).


  • Good return on investment.

  • Pride of ownership.

  • Fastest appreciation.