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Commercial Real Estate Investing

Construction Consulting and Oversight

Our Construction Management team serves investors throughout the entire construction cycle by providing proactive advice and counsel. Our goal is to provide our knowledge and experience so clients can make better decisions throughout the lifecycle of any commercial real estate project or investment.

Our Team:

Our team members include knowledgeable and experienced professionals in all aspects of developing and executing any commercial real estate investment project so our clients can make the most appropriate decisions for their efforts.

The team helps clients quantify, manage, and build value related to their commercial real estate investments property, business enterprises and financial instruments. We serve as advisors on decisions related to mergers and acquisitions, litigation and disputes, bankruptcy and reorganization, financial reporting, taxation, strategic planning, and compliance.

Our advice lets clients see the implications and possibilities of any real estate investments. Because of familiarity with virtually any type of commercial property, we have the ability to help you get the proper perspective before and during the finalization of your investments and help to safeguard your investment.
Commercial real estate management requires a high energy level and savvy advice. Investors need to be capable of dealing with constantly changing market conditions, reporting requirements, and system changes.


Why You Need Help

Our efforts focus on advising clients on how to address these and other issues, so they can be more confident in making decisions, executing decisions and fine-tuning performance.

Our responsibilities include helping clients understand and deal with some complicated issues:

We can take you through the complex reviews of leases and let you know what the purposes are for audits and administrative reviews
Due diligence activities – This is just a fancy term for getting into the details of leases – reviews to make sure that language in a prospective lease ISN’T going to get you into trouble or cost you money
Market research – How to do it, where to get the numbers and answer that you need
Calculation of net effective rents – that’s “investment-speak” for “how much profit can I ACTUALLY receive from this investment?”
Analyzing cash flow – Basically “How much am I making from this investment and WHEN do I make it”

Regardless of project type, we will provide:

Demonstrated leadership

Problem solving and critical thinking skills – that means we take the time to find the issues that you need to consider before decisions of any type are made

Experience in prioritizing tasks, working through issues and eliminating any problems

“Throughput” is critical to making profits – to make the best decisions you need to understand how each process that’s involving with getting a property to produce income works and how to constantly fine-tune the way that process works

Mentoring, and oversight capabilities

These are the most activities we perform.  As the old saying goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know until somebody lets you know about it.”  Our job includes helping you determine what needs to be done – thoroughly -help you learn how to do it, and double check to see that it was done correctly until you have the experience to do it for yourself.