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Commercial Real Estate Investing For Beginners - Investment Guide 2020

August 27, 2020

If you are keeping up with what is happening in the economy these days you would have realized that with the right investment guide, you could make a comfortable living with commercial real estate investing even in these difficult times. This type of investment has the power to enrich your financial portfolio with consistent returns, passive income, and growth potential.

Commercial real estate can bring better returns for niche investors! These commercial properties can be leased to businesses on contracts for several years, which provides you with ample time to pay back your financial loans. However, investing in commercial real estate should be done with utmost care. Making all the smart moves can get you excellent capital appreciation along with consistent cash flow. Here's a step-by-step guide on commercial real estate investing for beginners:

Step 1: Choosing the commercial property

Be absolutely crystal clear on the type of commercial property you prefer to invest in. The commercial property space has a broad range of options, like office spaces, industrial factories, retail outlets, warehouses, multi-family accommodations, data centers, hospitals, hotels, sports stadiums, special purpose units, etc.

Step 2: Choosing the right location

Apart from the type of commercial property you choose to invest in, you should also be cognizant of the property's location. Locations are also one of the decisive factors in commercial real estate investment. Conduct research of the local economy to pinpoint financial hotspots and business hubs. Take note of the average rental rates, business occupancy periods, customer traction, etc. Speak with previous property owners to verify the potential of income-generation.

Step 3: Financing

You can finance your commercial real estate in many ways. One of them is creating a cash capital. Here, you put in 100% of the money required out of your own pocket. You become the sole owner, and you are free to find a suitable business that can rent your property.

You can also choose for a commercial real estate loan. These have shorter repayment terms than residential loans. 

You can go for a private lender if you do not qualify for a bank loan. This depends on the personal relationship between the borrower and the lender. 

Choosing an online broker can help you find commercial real estate properties through your desktop or smartphone. It is also a way to crowdfund your real estate investment.

Step 4: Maintenance

Business cycles have an effect on occupancy rates of commercial real estate. Hiring a property manager and maintenance staff can help you to look after the property during vacant periods. This staff will also help to keep your tenants happy and satisfied.

Step 5: Rent collection

Your commercial real estate investments will be producing rent every month for you to collect it. Most leasing contracts last more than a couple of years at the minimum, so you can simply sit back and relax while your investment assets grow your wealth slowly and steadily.


With that investment guide, you are now ready to invest in commercial real estate. However, consulting with Perfect Real Estate Investments will help solidify your journey into commercial real estate investing. You can leverage our decades of experience in finding the best investment properties! Call us to learn more.

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