1. Real Estate Investments

    Value is a Function of Income

    Investors purchase income-producing properties for the income (future benefits) the properties will yield (produce) Investor in real property should estimate the duration of the income stream and its risk, or likelihood of receipt Do not apply this to New construction Special purpose property Unique…Read More

  2. Submit A Guest post – Guidelines

    December 2019 update: We are not accepting new guest posts at this moment! Want to contribute an article to one of the best commercial investment advice blogs? Before you submit a guest post at Perfect Real Estate Investments, read these guidelines to ensure that your post gets approved. Being a com…Read More

  3. Real Estate Investments

    Past, Present and Future – Who Cares?

    There are always 3 entities always interested in any piece of an investment property. The investor, the bank/lender and the government. When you are financing an investment property among other things the bank/lender will ask for: a. Full copies of the last 3 year's property federal tax returns or p…Read More

  4. residential income

    Before Investing in Multifamily Property

    The value of a multifamily property can be influenced by many factors however there are certain characteristics of a property that are unique to each property depending on the age, location and how the property was maintained by the seller. Some of these can be fixed or cured and some are just not c…Read More

  5. Real Estate Investments

    Absolute Net Properties – Best Investment Ever

    How would you like to invest in a commercial property where a high credit national tenant has leased the commercial property from you for a very long time. Being a large national company they send you the rent every month and you never have to worry about not receiving the check. Not only do they pa…Read More

  6. Real Estate Investments

    Questions to ask yourself as a new investor.

    Every person who starts investing in real estate dreams of becoming a successful real estate investor. The truth is that becoming a real estate investor can certainly turn into a very profitable career. If you are starting out in commercial real estate there are 5 questions that you need to ask your…Read More

  7. Different Kinds of Office Spaces

    Unlike residential real estate, commercial investments generally consist of purchasing properties used solely for business purposes and then leasing the space in order to collect rent from each business that occupies the respective space. One of the investments could be in an office building. Office…Read More

  8. Real Estate Investments

    Investing In Commercial Real Estate

    A variety of investment properties fall under the umbrella of commercial real estate: Multi-Family properties Office buildings Retail spaces Warehouses and Raw land. The one thing they all have in common is that they’re designed to produce income. Unlike stocks, commercial real estate investments …Read More

  9. Building Wealth


    Ask yourself if you know what your financial goals are and why you’re looking to accomplish them. Also, ask yourself how you are going to produce your desired results. Financial independence is the dream of every human being. Though there are many ways to fulfil this dream, what would be a better …Read More