Showing your Rental Property to Prospective Tenants

In order to succeed when you invest in rental properties, it is necessary to show your property to potential tenants. Just as if you were selling the property, you must make sure that the property is appealing to tenants in order to rent it out and begin collecting rental income. First, it [...]

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Owning Rental Investment Property: Protecting Yourself

Owning a rental investment property can be a satisfying and lucrative operation; however, there are also several areas that need to be carefully heeded in order to make sure that you are not sued and do not become liable for any issues which may arise in connection with your property. Learning how [...]

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Is buying office space a good investment?

Yes, buying an office space is a good investment! If you are a real estate investor who’s looking for ways to increase your ROI, you might want to invest in office spaces. Compared to other commercial properties, office spaces make up 20% of the retail real estate market and offer higher returns [...]

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Cash Flow Or Wealth Building?

Part of developing your investment real estate strategy is determining how quickly you need to see a return on your investments. Is your goal to promote wealth building or immediate positive cash flow? A positive cash flow is simply when your cash inflow is greater than your cash outflow but wealth building [...]

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Your Office Building Checklist

Many investors prefer commercial investment property such as small office buildings to residential properties. The leases are usually 3 to 5 years, tenants often renew more regularly and there are fewer headaches. It is also common to charge commercial tenants for all repairs and their fair share of annual expense increases and [...]

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Is rental property a better investment than stocks?

One question that is always on top of a new investor’s mind when starting their investment journey “Which is a better investment option – stocks and bonds or rental real estate?” Both options have their pros, and we are here to shed more light on the topic to help you make an [...]

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