Sources of Income in Real Estate Investing

Alright, so real estate investing may have risks, what business doesn’t have? A lot of entrepreneurs are somewhat undecided and apprehensive about making investments in real estate. This should not be the case. In fact, real estate investing is one of the safest and most practical ways of making something out of [...]

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The Importance of Property Inspection

The condition of real estate is different in every situation. To protect yourself when making such a substantial investment, it is important to have a thorough inspection by a trained professional. Make your offer to purchase a property contingent on a satisfactory property inspection, and you will avoid investing in a money [...]

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Lender’s Perspective on Loaning Money

Lenders are in the business of lending people money because they make carefully calculated decisions based on your risk. Here is a lender’s perspective on loaning money. They have two expectations; that you will repay them and that they will make a profit. To judge if you are capable of meeting those [...]

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Way to Identify a Belief – Getting Out of Debt

A way to identify a belief is this: they are usually found after the word “because”, on phrases you usually say. As an example, if you hear yourself saying something like, “I will always be fat, because my father and mother are overweight, and I have their genes”. Another example, “They wouldn’t [...]

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Getting Out of Debt: Where to start?

When you want to get out of debt, where do you start? Depending on your particular situation, there are different approaches to getting out of debt. Let’s review them now so you can decide which approach will work better for you, based on where you are financially right now. If you have [...]

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What is the terminal capitalization rate in Commercial real estate investment?

Commercial real estate investment has lots of terms and figures, and today, we will be discussing terminal capitalization. So, what is the terminal capitalization rate? Also known as the exit rate, the terminal capitalization rate is the rate that is used to estimate the value of a property at the end of [...]

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Rental Property Investments Offer Numerous Advantages

Rental property investments offer numerous advantages. This is why more and more people are becoming interested in investing in rental properties. One of the largest of those advantages is the fact that when you invest in a rental property, you are able to take ownership of an asset that is tangible. Compared to [...]

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