Apply These 6 Secret Techniques To Improve Your commercial property investment

September 10, 2020

Commercial property investment or wealth building can be a strategy that is both exciting and lucrative if done right. The growth in developed and developing communities has increased the demand for more residential and commercial properties. And with that growth, real estate continues to attract more investments, improve capital appreciation, and demonstrate its intuitive appeal for the investment class.

However, you need to keep in mind these six techniques that can help improve your commercial property investments.

1. Know your market

Environmental, political, social, and broader economic forces have an influence on real estate, affecting the property value and people’s purchase and selling decisions. A commercial real estate market is shaped by the demand for the property, its rarity, utility, and transferability. Understanding these values is imperative to succeed in the commercial real estate market.

2. Find your focus:

When investing in commercial real estate, you either go the direct investment route where you are the landlord and owner of the property and you have a considerable amount of knowledge about the industry. Another route is to choose indirect investment where you are the owner of various market securities like real estate investment trusts (REITs). Commercial real estate investments also require you to understand the marketplace sectors like Retail, Office, Industrial, etc. and learn more about the different aspects of the market.

3. Research

Before making any investment, you should conduct thorough research on potential investment opportunities. This comprehensive study will help you learn about land surveys, building permits, zoning laws, impact on the surrounding environment, etc. These feasibility studies help you learn about land acquisition and development.

4. Network development

Real estate involves a network of professionals ranging from architects to designers, consultants, and more. Therefore, it is imperative to have a reliable network of people that work together. To avoid underestimating the maintenance cost, conduct a thorough survey. Compare those survey results with a network of specialists and suppliers and opt for the highest quality with the fastest turnaround at the lowest cost.

5. Technology

As a commercial real estate investor, you should learn to embrace technology. The rising tide of technology has engulfed most industries, and CREs are one of them. People expect their properties to be feature-rich with tech and offer innovative solutions, thereby increasing the property's value. Adopt technologies that help people improve the prospect’s productivity.

6. Agile

An investor needs to be agile when it comes to grabbing new opportunities in the market, especially in this tech-enabled ecosystem. There is a need to adapt to new demands as per priorities. CREs should constantly innovate to improve the fluidity and rate in the market. An agile investor will be keen on building good relations with the customer.


Commercial real estate investing has a set of keys that need to be pressed in the right order to unlock its full potential and benefits. If the market still overwhelms you, consider consulting with us at Perfect Real Estate Investments, and we can help you guide through the maze called commercial real estate investments!

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