4 Smart Ways to Invest Your Money In 2021

December 24, 2020

When it comes to investing in 2021, most people will look towards buying stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. However, what if you wanted to invest smartly? The one where there are no brokers? Here are some smart commercial investment opportunities where you can make a healthy profit, and you don’t feel trapped behind choosing stocks, bonds, funds, etc.

1. Peer-to-peer lending

Also known as P2P lending, it is a new concept of investing. Online P2P services offer loans to businesses, personal use, or for any activity you can imagine. If you join the pool of investors who are willing to loan money to others, then the loan can be funded by you once the borrower qualifies. There is no involvement of banks in P2P lending. Your money is pooled with other investors’ money, and you make a loan to an individual asking for money. You receive the money each month as EMIs with the interest you are owed. Often, the returns you get from P2P lending is more than that of other saving mediums.

2. Real estate:

When investing in real estate, you have options like making a commercial investment or choose residential real estate. However, you can buy and own your own property. You can buy houses, rent them out and collect rent at the end of the month for the rest of the time. In most cases, the bank lends you a loan once you make a down payment. You can get rental income and appreciation from the property. When investing in real estate, make sure you are ready for the headaches of being a landlord. Otherwise, you can hire a property manager to manage your real estate properties. You also have the option of partnering with like-minded investors to buy and manage properties together. You can mitigate risks this way and even find knowledgeable people than you when it comes to real estate and property management. 

3. Gold:

Gold is a tangible inflation hedge, a liquid asset with a long-term store of value. It is also considered a strong competitor to stocks. Gold often acts as a rescue asset during tougher times. Buyers can invest by buying and holding physical golds such as coins and bars, opening gold accounts, or investing through gold mining stocks. It will be wise for a small investor to invest in direct methods like purchasing coins, bars, etc.

4. Owning your own business:

You can use your money to open your own business, which has the potential to bring the highest returns of all the investment choices you have. It can even fail and cost you a lot of money and pain. However, it is also possible for your business to flourish and produce a steady income over time and grow exponentially. Some businesses, like virtual and online businesses, often have a low start-up and ongoing cost. The best way to invest is to put a part of your money in your business and the rest in other investment options. That can help you save some sleepless nights.


There are plenty of commercial investment options open to you in 2021. However, you should be comfortable in your own shoes before making a call. You can make extra money with the options mentioned above and save the hassle of strangling your broker for a bad investment.

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