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Investing in commercial real estate is a popular way to potentially build wealth.  Investment, by definition, is acquiring the rights to something in order to make money.  That objective – making money - is something many new investors forget.

They may get excited about “BUYING” something, and in most cases that is multi-family property.  A residential rental property is always a potentially good investment, BUT there are many more property types that you can invest in and build wealth, save for retirement, earn higher returns and reach financial goals for you and your family.

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Our goal is to engage with potential investors, to work with them to educate and guide them to the types of investments that have the ability to produce profit for them.  Founded in 2013, PRI provides years of commercial real estate investing experience. 

Our CEO, Pri (Priyanshu Adathakkar) has years of experience in all forms of commercial real estate and real property investment.  He leads a team that has the experience to help you avoid issues and pitfalls while providing insights that allow you to make the best decisions for your future.  

We remind investors to never lose sight of the fact that commercial investment properties are a long-term adventure. We keep working with them, many times for many years, helping them gain knowledge and find opportunities to grow their wealth.

Fortunately, at PRI, we’re well-versed in helping our clients succeed with commercial property investment.

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Our Story
Perfect Real Estate Investments

Perfect RealEstate Investments, LLC is a full-service commercial real estate investment advisory firm.

We create environments for you to make the best investment decision. We do it through expertise, creativity, and attention to every detail — our ingredients for years of success.

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Priyanshu (Pri) Adathakkar
CEO, Perfect Realestate Investments, LLC

Pri's Commitment
We create environments for you to make the best investment decision.

“I approach every investment project as if I am investing my money and not the investors’. If I will not put my hard-earned dollars in a particular investment, why would I advise somebody else to invest their dollars?”

Why People Love Pri

  • Very prompt, knowledgeable and perfect in his work!

    Piyush Patel
  • Great service, prompt replies, insightful advices, and relevant recommendations on property deals. I highly recommend Pri for real estate investments. He is even helping on financing the investment by recommending his finance institution contacts.

    Abhishek Srivastava
  • Pri is very professional and easy to work with. He is very knowledgeable and highly skilled in his industry. His ethical principles are driven by his fairness and trustworthiness.

    Reginald Hudson
    Finance Broker
  • Pri is very knowledgeable. He took the time with me to explain the inner-workings of commercial real estate. I highly recommend his services for either an investor or someone looking for commercial space.

    Evan Franckhauser
  • Professional with integrity and great work ethics. He is always responsive and communicative. I can count on him for honest advice/opinions, which is rare to find from a realtor. He is especially knowledgeable on commercial RE, and have introduced me to many valuable contacts in this industry. Having Pri as my commercial agent made this entire journey so much smoother. Highly recommended!

    Jessie M
  • Great service, prompt replies, insightful advices, and relevant recommendations on property deals. I highly recommend Pri for real estate investments. He is even helping on financing the investment by recommending his finance institution contacts.

    Abhishek Srivastava
  • Pri is a wonderful professional in his area of expertise of real-estate investment. He stays on top of everything from the very beginning to the end. Even after closing the property, he has been in touch with me and continue to advice and help on various matters regarding the property. The only thing I can say about him is, “he is one of the best”.

    Vishwajeet Puri
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Understanding Real Estate
Some fundamentals you will need to understand

Physical Characteristics of Real EstateLand or real property have three physical characteristics that differentiate it from other assets in the economy:

Economic Characteristics of Real EstateLand also has some distinct economic characteristics that influence its value as an investment:


People talk about real estate and include all types of items - land, real estate, and real property - are not really aware of the characteristics, details, and potentials of each of these.

  • Land or Real Property is a specific area that includes everything associated with it from the surface to the center of the earth and upward to the airspace; this also includes trees, minerals, and water.

  • Improvements are any permanent man-made structures, such as houses and other buildings.

  • Appurtenant Rights is the term for the interests, benefits and rights inherent in the ownership of real estate.

When talking about investment in real estate, any or all the types of items above can be included but what you can invest in - “Real Property” - involves the rights of ownership—including the right to possess, sell, lease, and enjoy use of the land. (Real property shouldn't be confused with personal property, which encompasses all property that doesn't fit the definition of real property. The primary characteristic of personal property is that it's movable. Examples: vehicles, boats, furniture, clothing, etc.)

There are specific characteristics of real estate that need to be considered for successful investment:

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